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Application of Polyacrylamide in Drilling Engineering

        Polyacrylamide (PAM) is a universal agent, which not only embodies its powerful function in water treatment, but also plays a vital role in drilling engineering. One of the most important is to play an important role as drilling fluid. There are four reasons:

        1. Polyacrylamide has a strong flocculating property, which can flocculate mud and cuttings in drilling process to form large flocs, which is convenient for cleaning the bottom hole.

        2. In addition to flocculation, polyacrylamide has good viscosity and rheology. It can lubricate drill bit and drill pipe and friction, reduce resistance, improve drilling speed and reduce drilling cost.

        3. Polyacrylamide can protect the sol particles in drilling fluid through multi-point adsorption, glue protection and void plugging, preventing clay water swelling caused by filtrate entering formation, and prevent wellbore collapse.

        4. During the drilling process, the drilling fluid will leak out due to the geological structure, so the polyacrylamide gel can be used to stop the cracks and loose rock formations.

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