TW Eastern Chem is a modern high-tech company dedicated to the research, development, production, sale and service of professional macromolecule polyacrylamide and microbial acrylamide. We are committed to establishing a global product sales network and after-sales service system. The main products of polyacrylamide series as flocculants, thickeners, drag reducing agents, binders, etc., are widely used in the field of water treatment, papermaking, textile, petroleum exploration, mining and metallurgy, medicine, paint, soil improvement and other industries. We has a highly experienced professional R&D team engaged in high molecular weight polyacrylamide product development and microbial culture technology innovation all the year round, who can provide strong technical supportand solutions for different 鈥

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        Our company's main products are acrylamide monomers, polyacrylamide and paper chemicals. Especially, polyacrylamide series are the company's leading products, which can be widely used in water treatment, paper making, textile, petroleum, mineral and other fields. With the selection of cationic monomers and the introduction of technology, we have been able to produce cationic PAM with molecular weight over 10 million in batches. Paper chemicals series are the company's characteristic extension products, which can effectively improve the quality of paper and the production efficiency of paper machines. Especially sizing agent series products, has been praised by the majority of customers.



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