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What About the Floor Skidding Caused by The Leakage of Polyacrylamide?

        In the production or use of polyacrylamide, a small amount of powder is often scattered on the ground, which can easily cause moisture absorption, slippage, unnecessary injury to operators and industrial injury. TW Company, as a production base of polyacrylamide, attaches great importance to this issue because of its large scale of production of polyacrylamide. So is there any simple, convenient and economical way?

       It is simple that some necessary safety precautions must be taken before producing or using polyacrylamide products. As far as possible, do not let polyacrylamide products scatter in the workplace, keep the workplace clean and dry. If a small amount of product leaks occur, sawdust or yellow sand can be sprayed first, cleaned up, and then washed with a large amount of clean water. If a large number of polyacrylamide leaks occur, cofferdam must be prepared. Similarly, slip-reducing substances such as sawdust, yellow sand and other mixtures are used to clean the cofferdam, and then clean it with clean water. The security problem is as big as the sky. We must guard against it.

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